Broken "Add Local Folder" iPhone15Pro + Infuse 7.6.3

Hi All,
I Started to notice a bug on my new iPhone15 Pro running the latest infuse 7.6.3 (4619) related to adding local folders.

I used to have a pendrive loaded with media ( TV Series and Movies ) that worked perfectly on my previous iPhone14:
Add Files → Saved Share → Add → Add Local Folders and then select the external drive.
After done that in Infuse → Files, I was able to see the external drive and browse and watch all the media.

Now with my new iPhone15 and the latest version of Infuse when I do the above I end up with only a small portion of folders listed and going to the only folders I can see I am left with a laconic empty folder. This happen for every folder are visible and again, it’s just a small portion of the true media folders I have in the drive.

Instead if I go to Apple Files and the to the external drive I can see all the folders & files and if I try to open them with infuse, infuse ask me the usual Play / Save / Play & Save etc. and after clicking on Play the file plays correctly.

This tells me that I don’t have issues with the external drive per se but somehow Infuse is no longer able to correctly scan the external drive folder I selected.

I leave few screenshots and I am happy to provide any further information if needed.


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