Broadcom HD Card / Stutters all playback

Hello there guys, have got and installed ATV Flash, broadcom HD card, done everything as shown. When I played back files through xbmc they stuttered a little, but were pretty good. After installing broadcom hd card, they stutter all the time, 720p 1080p everything stutters really really badley :x . what am i doing wrong?
thanks for anyhelp. :smiley:

You may try updating to the 2.0 version of Crystal HD through the Maintenance --> Install Extras menu.

Thanks, I have just installed the update, and its even worse if that possible!

Was the AppleTV restarted (disconnecting power) after updating the Crystal HD drivers?

Hello there Max, yes it was. It’s weird. XBMC keeps crashing with Error Code 11. It tires to play the video stuuters really really badly for about 2 mins then xbmc just crash’s. So I have tried taken the card out. going back to XBMC and its plays fine (though 1080P still stutters) but it does not crash. I have read that most people get really good playback with the Broadcom card installed. I get really bad stuttering then a crash. The card shows up, but I am not so sure its working!
All the help you can offer would be greatfully recieved!
Does anyone know if it will / or being worked on to be installed nativley?
Thanks agian! :smiley:

First… Im not perfect in English - Sorry.

Often (Every Day) appears a neu nightlyXBMC Build that you need to work with CristalHD.
Ever when you update (XBMC/Boxee --> Downloads menu) the BroadcomCrystalHD.kext CLEAR!!!
So you cant see the Button “Allow hardware acceleration (CrystalHD)” in XBMC --> System --> Video --> Playback

Now do this!

Navigate to nitoTV --> Settings --> Utilities --> Kernel Extension Manager.
Highlight the BroadcomCrystalHD.kext, press the right arrow and select ‘add to rc.local’.

!!! Restart the AppleTV !!!

Launch XBMC and change the following settings in XBM under System --> Video --> Playback

I believe thats correct….

a) --> Render Method. Change “Auto”
b) --> Allow hardware acceleration /CristalHD). Turn “on”
c) --> Adjust Display Refresh Rate to match Video. Turn “on”.
d) --> SyncPlayback to Display. Turn “on”.
e) --> A/V Sync Method. Turn “Audio Clock”
f) --> Allowed error in …… Turn “None”
g) --> Display 4:3 videos as. Turn Normal"
h) --> Video post-processing. Turn “Disabled”
i) --> Activate Teletext. Turn “what you want”

AppleTV Configuration --> Audio & Video --> TV --> 1080p .

FYI, a bugfix 2.0.1 version of Crystal HD is available via Maintenance --> Install Extras.