Broadcom/CrystalHD Info

There’s no official support for this card on the AppleTV yet, but we’ve made the latest SVN build of XBMC and required CrystalHD support files available for those who are too curious to wait.

Installation/Setup Guide:

It is not working. Tried with two Crystal HD cards and it is no option under render to select Crystal HD.

You’ll also want to run the Smart Installer if you haven’t yet.

If you have already run “Smart Installer” how can you tell if it has been updated and needs to be run again?

If it’s been ran once, it won’t need to be ran again for CrystalHD to work. If you navigate to the Maintenance > Settings menu, it will give you a status when it was last ran (E.G. Last Ran: 1/8). If will also show if it’s never been ran. (E.G. Last Ran: Never).

Ok it is working now. After second reboot it has gave an option for Crystal HD.
Will you in the future offer the updates for CrystalHD driver, because Davilla will release a lot of bugfixies in the near future?

Ok i did everything and I get these errors associated with it from xbmc log

12:04:35 T:2684407808 M: 20537344 DEBUG: SECTION:LoadDLL(libcrystalhd.dylib)
12:04:35 T:2684407808 M: 20504576 DEBUG: Loading: libcrystalhd.dylib
12:04:35 T:2684407808 M: 20381696 ERROR: CrystalHD: device open failed
12:04:35 T:2684407808 M: 20381696 INFO: CrystalHD: broadcom crystal hd not found
12:05:05 T:2684407808 M: 16576512 DEBUG: SECTION:UnloadDelayed(DLL: libcrystalhd.dylib)
12:05:05 T:2684407808 M: 16584704 DEBUG: Unloading: libcrystalhd.dylib
12:05:07 T:2684407808 M: 26599424 INFO: CrystalHD: device closed

I honestly believe for this to really hit the mainstream, support needs to be added for Perian. Allowing 1080p to be played through the Native ATV interface.

Lets keep fingers crossed for support of the card to make it into FFmpeg. I’ve just purchased an old ATV off ebay for testing :slight_smile:

Things are definitely headed that way. :slight_smile:

Yes, updates can be installed just as easily. Navigate back to the Install Extras menu. If the word ‘Update’ appears next to Crystal HD, simply click to install the update.

Hi all,

I struggle with the CrystalHD installation… I have understood that under XBMC we must change the rendering video mode from “Auto” to “Crystal HD” under System -> Parameters.
I followed ATV procedure to install CrystalHd drivers and unfortunately I cannot select the “Crystal HD” rendering…

My question is "How can I ensure that the CrystalHD drivers are installed and well configured ?

Thanks for your help.

Source for the video rendering configuration information : “” Step 9.

I followed instructions in OP and installed w/o a problem. Tested w/ phat mkv that stuttered before, not anymore! :smiley: link has good screen shots for H/W upgrade, but ATVflash users just need OP steps to get up and running.

Kudos to atvFlash team for making this a painless process! Where do I renew for another year?

I have the same problem - I followed the steds mentioned on the first page but I don’t get the crystal setting i XBMC.

Any hints?

I have followed the instruction to a Tee , however my 1080p .ts and .mkv files are playing but very choppy. When I go to XBMC downloads all I can see is the xbmc 9.1.1 file to download , is this the latest build ? I keep reading about nightly builds but not sure where and how to download these . Any thoughts or suggestions .

You may need to update the xbmc/boxee itrem through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

Once updated the svn build will appear under the downloads menu.

You may need to update the xbmc/boxee itrem through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

Once updated the svn build will appear under the downloads menu.

Just says Xbmc installed. Do I need to enter some remote key combination to get the svn build.

Ok after some update/upgrade the cristalHD card stil doesn’t work :frowning: and I haven’t got any error messages.
My system is in french, I will try to change the different settings to english… But I am not convinced…

But is there a way to test the card thru ATVflash ? I start to think that the card could be arrived broken…

Thanks for any help or idea…

YinZhe, are you 100% positive you’re running latest svn build?

not 9.11 but one of the nightly builds?

To have access to the SVN builds you must be running the latest version of XBMC/Boxee. You can update this item through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

Once updated, the XBMC SVN builds can be downloaded through the XBMC/Boxee > Downloads menu.

Thanks for your answer : Yes 100% sure I use the last nightly builds. I did a new update yesterday, with no error. XBMC works perfectly except for CrystalHD… The 720p/i or 1080p/i are still very sluggish, impossible to watch a movie… Neither in streaming nor copied locally on the ATV.

I have to underline that the ATVFlash product is very impressive, I can very easely update XBMC, and other software.