Broadcom Crystal HD Card & ATV Flash

Hello there, and sorry to ask what maybe a very daft question, I am new to this so please do excuse me!
I have an Apple TV with a 40GB hard drive, If i install ATV Flash on this machine, [color=#FF0000]Do I understand it to be correct that I can then Plug in a usb external HD and use this instead of the internal?[/color]2 Question, (Sorry about this)
I love the Apple TV layout and the skin ect, however most of my movies are in 1080P so without having to convert them, [color=#FF0000]can I install the Broadcom Crystal HD Card and ATV Flash and use it to play these files without then installing the XBMC software for them.?[/color] ie, so I can use my Apple TV as normal without having to go into xbmc application?

Am I making any sense? lol
Thanks in advanced to anyone that can help! :smiley:

  1. Yes, an external drive can be used for iTunes syncing. More info here:

  2. Unfortunately the only way to play 1080p content on the AppleTV is through XBMC. More info on setting this up can be seen here:

Thank you max, may I also ask another question please.
Will there be native support for the Broadcom Crystal HD card soon in the normal ATV interface? I mean is it something people are working on? or is it a case no one will bother?
thanks again for your help!