Broadcom Crystal HD - BCM70012 mini PCIe slot

This is being used by the netbook community w/ success.
I dropped one into my old dell XPS laptop and it works great, but it is limited to only one windoze video player for now.
But now I can run X.264 smoothly on an old underpowered system.

XBMC community is looking at it, too. See

I guess everyone is clamoring for 1080p on their Apple TV. Just wanted to whet your appetites.

BTW: I’ll renew subscription, if you can do this on the cheap ($23 for BCM70012)

davilla is the lead XBMC developer on adapting the BCM chip for use on the aTV.
The thread indicates significant progress towards Crystal HD support.
Looks like I’ll have to pull the wifi card out of my aTV, but , I can use USB wifi dongle or just run wire.

I think SETI just got a hit on this thread! :mrgreen:
1080P on your aTV just doesn’t seem that important, I guess!?!

Next flash player for Linux, Mac, Win, ActiveX w/ support for BCM70012 (beta)

Hulu on aTV is closer then you think!

Seriously ATV flash TAKE NOTICE OF THIS PLEASE!!! Adding this feature will most definitely add at ton of people to you base. Tell people that all they need to do is install a cheap 25 buck card with your software and every format on the planet will playback. You will have a 1080P atv. Place a small wiki with install instructions with a simple warranty caution (will probably void warranty). With Flash support coming soon there NOTHING that the ATV can’t do. With the form factor, price, and ease of use I would imagine many people will buy your software. I know for me personally if you plan on adding this feature I will be buying ATVs, broadcom cards, and your software in large quantities to sell on the market.

Why so serious?
It won’t be long!

All systems go, davilla has front page news on regarding Broadcom’s release of libraries and drivers.

Ain’t 2010 grand!!!

Okay, okay, okay. Now that I’m frothing at the mouth, is this something we can implement right now? You can’t just pull the wifi & insert this card. You’d need drivers running somehow…AHhhhh! How can I make this happen?!

I’m sure aTVflash crew has eyeballs on this one. You can probably do it yourself in short order, but us tech-challenged folk, we just send a Paypal payment when ready :lol: