Brightness/contrast issue with HDR files

Hi @James , I tested on my MacBook Pro 14 2021 using the same Spiderman Homecoming at 50:27 quoted (that Vincent from HDTVtest reviewed too),
there’s obviously something very wrong with infuse’s “Apple Color Palette”, It’s not the same as Quicktime and there are bug too. I recommend everyone to stay away from Apple Palette until it’s fixed.

Screen recording is not 10 bit so it doesn’t accurately reflect the color issue in real life, but should be enough to get the idea:

  • The “Apple Palette” seems to looks fine on the 240-1000 nits clipping test, BUT
  • when you play HDR movie with “apple Palette”, the details & color & contrast looks very wrong,
  • when you lower the brightness to 0 (MacBook Pro miniled screen will turn off) and crank up the brightness UNTIL 7 out of 16, the “Apple Palette” color looks completely different, it seems better but the brightness is over brightened and more noise than Quicktime too.
  • and then when you crank the brightness from 7 to 8 out of 16, the “Apple Palette” suddenly darken.
  • Quicktime playing the same movie looks complete different from “Apple Palette”, very clean & feels like “the color that producer intended”.


Thanks so much for the update! This is exactly what we were all asking for earlier, so its much appreciated. Did want to mention that I can reproduce the bug that @ddadogba pointed out, and the colors seem a bit more saturated/contract like he mentioned compared to quicktime. Even with those slight issues though, I much prefer this palette to what we had before (its very noticeable in a lot of movies I’ve been watching - especially The Dark Knight).


has this been fixed? are you back to using Infuse palette for now?

Not fixed in 7.3.9. And it’s not in the “upcoming feature” list so I won’t expect a fix coming soon.

Honestly there’re way too many issue in Infuse Mac like stuttering and HDR color issue that infuse team seems having a hard time, I’m not even sure if they can identify the root cause, let alone fix.

For those still struggling with this, this is a good temporary workaround:

Subler will convert MKVs with HDR-10 and Dolby Vision content into MP4 containers that Quicktime will play properly.

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Hey - I just tested it a bit and seems that this is fixed now on latest MacOS release. Any chance you could test and confirm?

I tested the “Apple palette” again on my Macbook Pro 14 on Mac 12.5 with latest Infuse 7.4.3,
while HDR clipping test pattern looks closed enough to quicktime,
real scene (Spiderman homecoming 50:27) is still way off from what it should be (identical to my post on Feb&April).