Brief video freeze after start with Plex files

Not sure if the same thing, but last release or so I’ve seen some (not all) Plex content (video, not audio) freeze briefly about 8 seconds into playback, regardless of where in the video it is. Usually OK after that unless I stop and restart playback. I’ve not been able to replicate that using the Plex app. I haven’t discovered a commonality between the instances that show this behavior yet.

Doesn’t appear to be the same issue as the OP, what do you have your “Streaming Cache” set to in Infuse Settings? Just as a test you may want to try changing it. (If your currently set at “Auto” the change to “Legacy” or if you’re on Legacy change it to Auto.)

Obviously not the same based on the conversation. The cache setting makes no difference. I’ll follow up as a new issue.

One other quick thought, with the timing of what you’re describing could you check in the ATV settings for Background App refresh and see if there are any other apps other than Infuse that can do background refreshing? I’d strongly recommend turning off everything except Infuse. If this doesn’t help I’ll check in on your new thread.

That makes no difference either, same freeze. This on tvOS 14.3 and now 14.4. I’ll trigger a debug and open a support ticket. Thanks.

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I split out your post so we could focus on your issue.

Does it do this on all the videos from your plex share or just certain ones or types?

Is it repeatable that it only freezes once about 8 seconds in and the rest of the video is okay as long as you don’t pause it?

Not all videos, and I think a small subset. As I’d mentioned, I’m not yet sure about any commonality. I’ve seen it on an H.264 BluRay rip, and a MPEG2VIDEO (DVD) rip. I’ve also NOT seen it a lot of places, including my UHD rips.

On the videos I’ve seen it, it’s repeatable at about the 8-second point after resuming playback. And I believe it’s just this once, unless playback is restarted. Unsure about resume after skipping forward, I’ll have to check that.

I believe this is a relatively recent issue, I don’t recall it before the last couple of releases. As noted, I don’t see this issue playing back the same files via the Plex app.

I am also having this issue as I mentioned on the other thread and to James while beta testing. Most of the time it does seem to happen near the beginning. I just had it happen to me. I started in the middle of the movie today. Happened after 8s, or so, I guess. Then I rewound and it happened again, but slightly different spot, so not the file (my own Blu-ray rip). Third time I tried it didn’t happen. Not sure if maybe it is a delay between syncing in the background while playback has happened (should be disabled). Also this 1080 h264 file and on my 4K Apple TV. So definitely shouldn’t be a processing power issue. Been bugging me for months. Also not using plex, just nfs, hardwired


Happened again to me tonight. I continued a movie as soon as I opened infuse, so maybe it is related to refreshing the library

I’ve just made it a habit to check the Settngs > Library page and make sure it’s sitting at “Last Updated…” message before I try to use Infuse just for this reason. If the spinner is turning on the home screen things are slow responding period for me. The check has become second nature for me and doing it a few times a day has made it “just another step” to check the sync status like having to turn on the tv and wait for that to get to business or the av receiver to turn on.

I will say, the wait time has drastically decreased since the background app feature in the tvOS came to play and as long as you have Infuse as the only app allowed to refresh it’s great. What used to be 3 to 5 minutes now is usually around 30 seconds.