bricked mine updating nitro tv

just a fyi.. installed fine. but when i went to nitro it said there was an update. installed it. screen went black. left it for 20 minutes or so. decided to pull the plug. put it back in. now get the "watch" waiting for "network services". pulled plug again. same thing. guess i have to restore now. no worries, i know it's beta. just filing a report.

So it's not actually "bricked"... #justsayin

well. the ATV2 was unusable until i was able to get it to my desktop and do a full restore onto it.

Do you know which version of AppleTV software you were running when the issue occured?

yup ATV 4.0 (aka iOS 4.1) and not ATV 4.1 (aka iOS 4.2).

i can say everything installed fine. i went to the utilities and installed all the extras. when i launched nitro tv it said there was an update. i told it to update. it did some stuff. the screen went black. i waited. waited. waited. maybe 15 minutes. decided to pull the cord. plugged it back in, then got stuck with the "waiting for network services" screen. waited another 15. pulled the plug. plugged it back in, got "waiting for network services". waited another 15. said screw it and did a 4.0 restore (been using tinyumbrella a long time). restored just fine.

Was the nitoTV updated installed through the Maintenance menu or nitoTV itself?

installed thru the maintenance menu, but when i launched nitro it said something about an update. i didn't pay much attention, i just clicked "ok" and let it go.