Bricked Apple TV 2 (cant create IPSW as device is not recognized)

I have a bricked Apple TV 2. Bricked immediately after attempting to jailbreak with SeasonPass. Tried and got no real help from support. Left it sitting for 6  months and figured that maybe the latest version would solve my problem. I can't create IPSW or boot tethered either. I get message saying "No Device Connected. Please connect  the Apple TV via USB to continue". Of course it is connected and have tried several cables so I don't think the cable is the issue. Has anyone else had this problem? Note I had a perfectly working un-jailbroken Apple 2 and once I went the the JB process as outlined wound up with a non-functioning unit. Something clearly went wrong in the install and I am now wondering if this problem is un-resolvable? Any help is most appreciated!