Breaking News Apple stop signing iOS 5.2 (iOS 6.1 - 10B144b)

Looks like iFaith is Windows only. Is TinyUmbrella the way to go in OSx? I tried to pull the SHSH off my AppleTV 2 with 5.2, but I don’t think it’s being recognized. I tried putting it in DFU, but still can’t save the SHSH.

Any help would be appreciated.

If I am on 5.2 and never previously saved any blobs, is it possible to jailbreak? Would I be able to save blobs now and follow the techniques mentioned?


Thanks for any info.

I’m currently running a jailbroken 5.0.2 and haven’t backed up my blobs for 5.2 :frowning:

Because Apple isn’t signing 5.2 anymore have I missed the boat or is there still a way to upgrade to a jailbroken 5.2?

If you do not have blobs for 5.2 then you are out of luck.
However if you have ATV Flash installed and used the option to backup firmware signatures you may find that it backed up the 5.2 ones for you anyway despite not having that version of firmware installed at the time.

Would it be possible to get the blobs using iFaith? In the past I’ve used Tiny Umbrella but I know it can’t get the blobs if Apple’s stopped signing the software but I heard that with iFaith it might be possible.

guys if u r still on 5.2 u can do it.

use ifaith to get the blob from your device then it will save to your desktop then use snowbreeze to jailbreak choose ifaith mode and use the blob it made the shift restore in itunes it works but u may have a couple errors uing ifaith ignore and follow instructions again i have jailbroke 4 devices today 3 on 5.2 and 1 on 5.1 and none had been jailbroke before…

good luck time is 13.14 uk

So if I was able to get my hands on 5.2 and update my ATV then I could use iFaith to extract the blobs and jailbreak?

Is there any benefit using Seas0nPass to jailbreak as apposed to Snowbreeze?

This will help

Thanks for the link, but I’m still a little confused. That post states that I can’t get the blobs for 5.2, but i thought iFaith was able to do this so long as you have 5.2 installed on the ATV. So I guess my questions are:

  1. Is it still possible to install 5.2 without jailbreaking onto my ATV (i.e. an untouched Apple IPSW)?
  2. If so, will iFaith backup my blobs for 5.2 so that I can then jailbreak with sn0wbreeze?

Sorry if I’m being dumb but this is all a little new to me.

if you using ifaith to Dump your SHSH possible as long as you can dump the SHSH blobs for the 5.2 then you safe and you can restore and jailbreak it… i’m working on dump shsh instruction soon  i’m not sure it’s sucessfully dumping your shsh because my previously jailbroke and blobs already saved to cydia server…

Sorry I know I’m being thick but are you saying that I can’t upgrade to 5.2 without my blobs?

My current version is 5.0.2 to I guess technically 5.2 would be an upgrade but because 5.2.1 is now out, am I not able to upgrade to 5.2?

you can alway restore and jailbreak 5.0.2 if you have saved shsh blobs for 5.0.2

you can alway restore and jailbreak 5.2 if you have saved shs blobs for 5.2 

you can alway able to downgrade from 5.2.1 to 5.2 or 5.0.2 if you have saved blobs for it.



heres the deal if u are currently on 5.2 you can still get the blobs for it with ifaith then use sn0wbreeze to pick the blobs up build 5.2 signed jailbreak ipsw and shift restore in itunes.

if you on a lower firmware and u have the blobs already for 5.3 u can do the same but if ur on a lower software u can only get the blobs for that firmware and therfore only install that firmware.

if ur on 5.2.1 but have blobs for 5.2 u can go down but if have no blobs u cant

simples have fun


basically those on 5.2 without blobs can still jailbreak by saving the blobs building cutom firmware and installing it.


Correct (unless you have blobs for 5.2).

Thanks to everyone for your help. Looks like I won’t be able to upgrade to 5.2 so I guess I’ll just have to wait for 5.2.1 to be jailbroken.

Thanks again for your help and patience :)

this one no one yet confirmed they could or couldn’t. if you sure you can do it then would be great new… I dont have ATV2 with iOS 5.2 and without blobs saved so I can try to confirm… according to ifaith you can try to dump the shsb blob which will able to save current blobs for ios your apple tv. might want to try that first see if it work… 

i Can 100% confirm I have jailbroken 4 apple tv version 2s today 3 were on 5.2 and they had never previously been jailbroke and so no blobs ever saved but i used ifaith to save the current blobs for the fw they weree on in this case 5.2 then used snow to pick yup the blobs build a siggned version of 5.2 which i shift restored in iyuntes.

i also did exact same proces for 1 on 5.0.2 at 19.00 uk time on the 23rd march


i say again if you currently have an atv 2 on 5.2 without blobs u can still jailbreak by ising ifaith to grab the blobs


I am trying to save the blobs on my atv2 with 5.2 with ifaith 1.5.  ifaith stalls at upload ibss and does not do any further. any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


thank you!!

I am trying to save the blobs on my atv2 with 5.2 with ifaith 1.5. ifaith stalls at upload ibss and does not do any further. any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


thank you!!


yes mate close itunes and try again

i had that problem too


let me know how u get on


shut itunes down

If I have an ATV2 running 5.2 can I grab the blob and use it to jailbreak not only that ATV2 but use the same blob to jailbreak other ATV2s running:

  1. 5.2

  2. 5.02

  3. 4.4.4

I have one non-jailbroken and one jailbroken, both running 5.2… couple of others too 5.0.2 and 4.4.4

Or do I need the blob specific to each ATV2?