Brand new ATV2

Hi guys,


Thanks to some friends, I was able to get brand new ATV2 with firmware 4.4.4.

But despite my previous experiences it seems that its no longer possible to save any blobs and therefore make an untethered atv2 powered by atv2 flash.


So - I have a simple question:

Is it still possible to make aTV Flash running on a brand new ATV2 without any previous saved firmware keys (blobs) and what firmware version would you recommend in that case?  


Thanks and please dont get angry if there is a simple answer around the corner, I have spent quite a lot of time until now so I realised I should start asking the basic questions first.



I don’t know anything about atv2 Flash, Petr, but you may or may not have issues creating a 4.4.4 UNTETHERED jailbreak for this unit using SP 9.3

Use a PC.  Save your signatures with iFaith.  Save them again with SP 9.3 if you’re anal (like me) and than perform the Untethered jailbreak by choosing version 4.4.4 (9A406a) from the IPSW pulldown menu. 

You should be set!

If not, this thread might be helpful and informative:

Thank you, Sir!

It worked like a charm (well I spent 2 hours desperately trying to get to the DFU) but finally I have it!


P.S. Is there a way to upgrade to for example untethered 5.2 ?

Thanks one more time!