Brand new ATV2 4.4.4 Jailbreak question


my first post here…I’ve done jailbreaking on my Iphones before, but never on an ATV2.  As this one is brand new, don’t want to screw things up; therefore would appreciate just a few clarrifications.

  1.  Can I update 4.4.4 to the latest (jailbreakable) software release?

  2.  Do I need to jailbreak 4.4.4 and then go to the latest 5.3?

  3.  Tried backing up 4.4.4 via Season pass on the mac (latest version of seasonpass) and it fails.  Will try on my Windows box.  How can I backup this file to my dropbox, just in case my HDD crashes? Tinnyumbrela also reports that it cant backup as I’m too late…any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

If you want to save the 4.4.4. blobs, use ifaith ona windows pc. Otherwise, proceed with the untethered 5.3 jb on your mac while apple is still signing it.

Yeah honestly it’s always a good idea to keep your 4.4.4 blobs… it’s a very good untethered release to have as a backup in case things go south… you always have that to fall back on.   In fact I prefer the 4.4.x builds… much less overhead, cleaner if you aren’t big into all the features of 5.x.

So doing what Marlon suggested is +1.  Use iFaith to dump your blobs using a windows machine, then you can just as easily go to 5.3.   

Hey guys. I’m in a similar situation. I have been holding out with an older 4.x version on my ATV2 because I’ve been waiting for an untethered release. But awhile back, people use to say “stick with 4.x, it performs better because it uses less resources, bla bla bla…”

The reality is, that there have been several iterations of release since that time. Is “less resources” really an issue any more, or is it worth finally doing this upgrade? I am looking forward to leaving 4.x because of minor bugs with Airplay, Netflix, etc…

I was on 4.4.x myself and recently jailbroke untethered to 5.3


Do it man… do it.  :)  Let us know if you encounter any problems.  EDIT:  I will say, that I encounter more streaming buffering problems with 5.x that I rarely if ever encountered with 4.4.x, but that may be just my device.   In any case, still… worth it.

However - dump your existing 4.x blobs with iFaith as mentioned prior just for safe keeping.


Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on how to do the update to 5.3 and jailbreak?  The one and only time I did a jailbreak on my apple tv was to 4.4.4, but im interested in upgrading it to take advantage of the 5.3 features. 

From what I gather. Should I:

  1. Download blobs with iFaith

  2. Use apple auto updater to upgrade it to the latest firmware

  3. Downgrade from apples latest firmware to 5.3

  4. Then jailbreak



Any help would be so great!



Do steps 1 & 4 and you should be fine.  No need to auto update / upgrade your firmware.  I went from 4.4.2 to 5.3 - no issue.

Step 1 should actually be Step 1a and 1b.

1a) To DUMP your 4.4.4 blobs… that’s a mighty fine release to have as a backup.  You dump them through iFaith as well.

1b) Then pick the option called “Show SHSH blobs on TSS servers” which actually contacts Apple for the latest blobs which will save them locally (to your hard drive) and try to upload them to Cydia & iFaith servers.  If it doesn’t save them to the servers, no big deal, but as long as you saved the SHSH blobs and APtickets, you’ll be good.

Then simply run Seas0nPass in step 4, and you should be good to go. 

Thank you so much Ped!!