Please forgive my ignorance , all setup and running, but when I try and view content in boxee like tv shows or the apps content, hardly any of the selected content plays! I have made sure the hotspot shield is installed and enabled, but no stream, any ideas please? or am i expecting to much for the money, I have 3 shows in the queue but again no visuals?

Connected via a 4 mb Broadband line with a netgear dongle and Netgear router, I can view normal itunes content and the youtube video setting which ships as standard with the Apple.

I wonder if it could be the fact that I’m in the UK and its some kind of location curfew that AOL unfairly enforces from time to time but closing of ports, I did see that the proxy server setting was ticked (not sure where i saw it on the Apple Tv, as loads of settings to get ones head around).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Go Well.

The issue is most likely related to Adobe Flash. More info here: