I have good reason to believe that we will not have a working Boxee release for the ATV . I say this because of the tight lipped team boxee staff. They are not keeping people up to date as to the progress of an ATV build and also they have had full working versions for Windowos, Linux and Mac since December 7 2008. It sounds like they are not worried about Apple TV to me.

I updated Boxee\XBMC last night on my ATV. Was it just an XBMC update? I didn’t look that closely.


I am sorry but the version you updated is not the new Beta release. Because they do not have a working Beta yet, I say this because I am a tester for Boxee. They have made sure that the Windows and Linux platforms were ready for CES and otherwise turned their back on the ATV users. It seems to be taking a long time for them to get a working ATV version out if they are working on it at all. I mean it has been going on two months since they released the windows and linux versions, they released a closed beta version on December 7, and CES was on January 7. The funny thing about this whole sham is that one of the Member/testers has taken the mac beta and hacked it so it works on the ATV and still there is no official beta out.