Boxee/XMBC were not installed

I purchased aTVFlash last week but did not have a chance to install it until today. My aTV was already on version 2.3 but I did not realize that this meant that I couldn’t use XMBC or Boxee. I followed your instructions which include putting the latest aTV version on the Flash drive with aTVFlash, which means even if I had read about the problem on the Forum ahead of time, I would have assumed you were having me install a compatible version. What good does it do to turn-off auto updates if the version you start with is not compatible!

Is there a way to put 2.2 on the Flash drive instead?

If not I think I deserve a refund!

Thanks to the Boxee Forum I solved the problem.

If you go into the Update menu on the aTV you just have to download Boxee and Launcher and then everything if fine.

I tested Boxee and was able to watch Hulu with no problems.