Boxee XBMC issues

I’m brand new to ATV Flash. I successfully installed the patchstick tonight and updated the XBMC/Boxee and Nito apps as instructed. Oddly, XBMC was a top menu item before I updated the apps, and now I can only find it under Applications under Nito. Is that normal? Also, when I select Boxee or XBMC the screen flashes, then goes blank and hangs there until I hit Menu. Help!

Having a bear of a time getting my USB drive connected as well… I’ll start a separate thread on that.



follow the link

Thanks! That should do it.

I installed version 4.0 and everything seemed to be fine. I use Boxee to watch videos from my external hard drive that is connected to my mac. Since this new update, I can access the network → computer-> hard drive fine, but when I go into the next two folders public → movies, Boxee crashes. If I watch a movie that I placed outside of the folder movies, then it plays. All of my movies are however in the movies folder. Anyone have an idea on this one? I reinstalled the update with the patch-stick twice, and the result is the same.