Boxee/XBMC app won't load

The install went without a hitch, until I tried to load boxee or xbmc. The exact error message is not in front of me but went along the lines of " can’t find app boxee" and it showed the expected location of the app (programs/documents/setting/apps/boxee)Again, not the exact message, but pretty close according to memory. XBMC performs the same error message. Every other ATVflash feature works.ATV 3.01 and latest aTV flash are current, DaneElec 2GB USB drive. Any suggestions or do I need to provide more info?

Sandman847: Keep trying. It took me about six shots before the XBMC worked. I gotta tell you, in my estimation, XBMC is superior to all the other apps. Once installed, it operates intuitively and crash/freeze free.

Thanks for the response. Load six times as in, boot from usb installer, run smart installer. If it doesn’t first repeat those steps until it does, or do I have to keep doing factory restores in the “6 time” process? Thanks in advance

Sandman: My recollection is that I initially had problems getting XBMC to install from XBMC/Boxee>XBMC>Downloads>XBMC 9.11-Application. I probably navigated out of XBMC/Boxee a half-dozen times before the app finally installed. I’m no expert for sure, but my experience tells me that hammering at the door a bunch of times sometimes reaps rewards.

Also see that you have XBMC Launcher installed under Maintenance>Manage Plugins. I can’t be sure whther or not this appears as a default option under Maintenace, or only appears only after XBMC is installed. Chicken/egg thing going on. I’t won’t harm to check.

After getting XBMC up and running I find that I prefer it to the other apps that are offered.

Sandman: To answer your question more simply, my effort to install XBMC did not require rebooting ATV multiple times, just hammering at XBMC-9.11-Application under XBMC/Boxee>Downloads. Maybe I just got lucky.

Thanks again. I’ll try again. I’ll update later. In the mean time, just for clarification, when I click xbmc or boxee app in flashed atv, it gave me that message of not even being able to find the app for both boxee and xbmc.

Sandman: When I got to the screen shown in the attachment, which is under XBMC/Boxee>Downloads, I just hammered on the XBMC 9.11 (I actually had a different screen–more current than attached–you probably do too).

I went in and out of XBMC/Boxee, coming back to Downloads each time until the install “took.”

Do you get to this screen?

Success! 2nd try did it. Thanks for the detail

I switched to aTVFlash after working with Patchstick for a while. I couldn’t get XBMC to work at all under Patchstick, and many of my extensive collection of videos in various formats wouldn’t play, or wouldn’t play correctly in AppleTV. I took the trouble to restore the AppleTV completely, update, and install aTVFlash because it seemed to offer more options and a more straightforward method of operation than Patchstick. I was looking around for a way to install QuickTime 7.62 on my system to solve a problem playing some video encoded with Sorenson, when I ran across your comment about XBMC. I ran all the installers twice, made sure Launcher was enabled, and Voila! XBMC launched. It plays everything the AppleTV won’t, and visa versa. XBMC isn’t perfect: It does crash on rewind, and the menus break up constantly, but it works well for my purposes. Thanks very much for your comments, which encouraged me to stay with it.