Boxee playing my (Video_TS) choppy

When I first did it when I ordered ATV Flash the video and music came over great the video ts file folders I played were synced and not choppy. Then they became choppy where the audio is fine but the video is choppy. Now as for my router it streams to my Playstation 3 Netflix movies and they come in fine. I did the atv update and I believe did all the installer things. Is there a setting I am missing?

Are you streaming the VIDEO_TS files via a wired or wireless connection?

From a wireless connection and the files are on an eternal harddrive attached to my main computer. Do you need you home computer logged into boxee also? It is. I was thinking of getting a 2TB external in FAT 32. The one I have now is 500 gig and in NTCS (whatever LOL). I can’t convert it because I have no room to copy the stuff on the drive already.

If you are running B/G on your wireless network, this is most likely the reason for the choppiness. Not even Wireless G is fast enough for DVDs.

Try running Wireless N, or swap to wired, and it should work.

I am a little lost and not that techy…what is B/G an N that you mention.

It is the version of the protocol for the wireless connection. AppleTV supports B/G/N, but your router has to support it as well to be able to use it.

If you have an old router, it most likely does not support N.