Boxee on Apple tv

Hi , i'am new user here , the issue is playback from Boxee from nas drive , i have 2 laptops with boxee sw , no probelms , on Atv the movies plays too slow ,sort of slowmotion , and sound hacks , i checked for all settings , can't se where the problem occurs?

Kind regards , Jacob.

Jacob...I see no one has responded to your inquiry, so here's the best i can do:

The Apple TV, 1st Generation does not have a fast enough processor to handle the video streaming from Boxee.  I finally gave up on it and just use my laptop for all Boxee video.  Much better experience.  FireCore adds so much to the Apple TV, it's not a big deal to me.  It's just a limitation of the Apple TV.  Use Boxee for's a fantastic experience.


Try installing the boxes beta version it’s works fine on my apple tv 1. I’m also streaming from a NAS drive. How’s ur Internet connection and your network speed. I have my apple tv 1 hooked up directly to my router with no problems.

Boxee streaming is working on my AppleTV (1st Gen).  Video files stored on my local LAN on other devices are viewable and will stream.  Boxee seems fine too.  On Boxee I use favorite TV programs, Qued TV programming and JusinTV App.  Even on JustinTV App, the HQ videos streams seem to work fine.  Although Boxee’s process of connecting, synching, precommercial, then finally the move stream can be a bit slow for the 1st Gen AppleTV to go through these processes.  But once the stream gets started, I many times forget I’m not tuned to my Satellite system.  That being said, I’m using AppleTV’s 480i output to my 38" Analog Sony TV via Component Video from the AppleTV.