Boxee Not Updating

I have been using Boxee since it was first introduced to the aTV. In the past it has updated fine, however I just installed 3.4.5 and attempted to update Boxee and the version hasn’t changed. I am not getting my Netflix or ABC. Any clues or ideas what might be going on? Im running version .

4825 is the newest version for the AppleTV. Netflix will not work on the AppleTV, it is too slow a processor. ABC is still in development for the AppleTV, if you have followed @Boxee on Twitter you will see that they are having ABC problems and are trying to figure them out. Here’s a quote from their website on the 19th:

we have released a new version of boxee for Mac that includes support for ABC, click here to download. we hope to release an Apple TV version within the next few days (not available for Windows and Ubuntu).

ok, thanks for the info and update.