Boxee Invites

EDIT by Madcran
You do not need to request invites anymore, Boxee has opened up for Mac, Linux, and AppleTV users. Windows users are still in a closed Alpha. A Boxee account is still needed to log in, that is their requirement for using the software as it is a community based piece of software. Have fun all!

If anyone needs an invite for Boxee, we would be happy to supply one. Simply send a PM to ‘atvflash’ or ‘madcran’ with your email address, and an invite will be sent to you.

Yes I’d like an invite, email is below;


I’ve invited him.

For future reference, please don’t post your E-mail address here as you may not want people to spam you. These board are viewable by guests and possibly seachable by a search engine, just a CYA step. :wink:

I would love an invite please…Thanks

PM your E-mail address to either myself or aTVFlash. Thanks.

d???@???.com I would like an invite for BOXEE.

Thank you,

Not to be repetative, but please don’t post your E-mail address here, unless you want everybody on the Internet to have it. Please just PM me or aTVFlash your E-mail address and we will send you an invite. When you PM us, please include your E-mail address inside the PM, we can not see it from your profile, unfortunately we are not psychics and can’t not magically find out your E-mail address. :lol:

Someone sent me an ICQ request for an invite and I closed the window because I thought it was a SPAM message. If you read this, please resend the request and this time I will read it. :lol: :oops:

I would like an invite to boxee, thank you in advance

Please see above on how to get one…

Just sent you a PM thanks!

Also just send you a PM.

Thanx a lot!

I would like a Boxee invite Please! Thanks

I’d love a Boxee invite! I’ll trade you a Gmail invite… :lol:

Just sent a PM. Thank you!!

silly question but what is a PM?

Private Message, the PM link is just to the right of every message.


I would love to get a boxee invite for my ATV would this be possible at all?

mail at adrians dot name

much appreciated


I would like a boxee invite. Thanks

Just sent you a PM… thanks!