boxee does not work in version version 3.4.4

I installed version version 3.4.4 with boxee. When I go menu XBMC/boxee, boxee a window says: error: cannot launch xbmc/bosee from path: /aplications/ Same to menu xbmc: error: cannot launch xbmc/bosee from path: /aplications/

What will be the solutions ?

sorry my bad English

Go to XBMC/Boxee and then to updates and run all the updates starting with the Launcher and then XBMC and Boxee. If you already have version 2.2 of te launcher then go to Launcher menu on the AppleTV and then to Downloads. I really wish they didn’t change the name of the menu item and the Update item, but it all does the same thing.

Thanks. I did all and now boxee works fine