Boxee crashing when accessing network - sometimes!

I installed version ATV Flash 4.0 and everything seemed to be fine. I use Boxee to watch videos from my external hard drive that is connected to my mac. Since this new update, I can access the network -> computer-> hard drive fine, but when I go into the next two folders public -> movies, Boxee crashes. If I watch a movie that I placed outside of the folder “movies”, then it plays. All of my movies are however in the movies folder. Anyone have an idea on this one? I reinstalled the update with the patch-stick twice, and the result is the same.

I have the same problem!

I get an error has occured number 4. Then it quits… Every time! I have reinstalled 3 times, and the same still happens.

Hello, same issue !

Really disapointed of ATV flash since ATV 3.0 and 3.01 update : ATV 4.0 and 4.01 (in addition with diseapearing issue of xbmc menu …solved on support discussions) have a constant annoying problem with XBMC (lastest version) : reading a video file from external storage (NAS source) makes crash (XBMC quits with error 4) after few seconds of reading…

Same thinks appear also with NitoTV reading video file from NAS : It seems to be a network issue rather than xbmc only problem.

On xbmc update with oldest version (not alpha) , xbmc opens in a tiny window: not usable for video viewing …

Everything was going smoothly on previous versions … (ATV 2.4x and ATVflash 3.6.x)

Hope you solve this very rapidly !