boxee and xbmc

Since updating to the current release of aTV Flash (3.42?),

3 things going wrong are:
Boxee doesn’t launch to anything except black screen.
Movie playing hangs. Trying to launch a video TS folder only displays “Video TS” in bold text on the screen with a message to reboot.
XBMC is very small on the screen.

I have enabled all the emulators etc. offered in the various menus.

I have access to the external usb drive so that file I uploaded is working at least in XBMC.

(Vizio 46 inch hdtv set to 720, newest atv software installed, newest aTV Flash installed).
Before updating, I had all these things working well.

Do these symptoms suggest a common problem fixable by other than what I tried (rebooting 5 times or more)?

  1. The black screen is a known problem and the developers of Boxee are working on the problems. You can go here for a possible fix:

  1. Where are trying to play a Video_TS folder, Boxee, XBMC, the DVD menu?

  2. Go to Settings > Appearance > Screen. Change the Resolution to 1280x720 (I think.) That should fix the “window” issue. Also, if the video goes off the screen as it does on my Sony CRT HDTV, then go to the Calibration… menu and make sure the lines all fit in the screen.