Boxee and Streaming Video on AppleTV

Some videos in Boxee will require Adobe Flash to be installed. There is a guide for doing this here.

Enabling Adobe Flash will require a ‘CoreAudioKit.framework’ file from an Intel Tiger (OSX 10.4) system or restore discs. Unfortunately there is no way around this at the moment.

Surprising…an Apple TV in general can very well support youtube videos.The problem seems only with aTV flash + Boxee beta combination.

Your post refers “some videos”…does that incorporates ’ youtube’ & funny or die videos?

I have installed coreaudiokit framework, yet not single glimpse of success so far.

Any additional guidelines?

Accessing YouTube via a browser or Boxee will access YouTube using Adobe Flash. The built-in AppleTV YouTube plugin does not use Adobe Flash.

Where did you obtain your version of CoreAudioKit.framework?

Where can I obtain a version of the CoreAudioKit.framework? I am currently running on OSX Snow Leopard. Am I going to need to downgrade my operating system just to pull off some files for Flash? Or is there a way to pop a disk into my Mac and pull the files off of the Tiger software?

CoreAudioKit.framework can be obtained from an Intel Tiger restore disc as described here:
There is no need to actually install any Tiger software on your system.


Can I extract the CoreAudioKit.framework file from the Tiger install DVD using Pacifist and the FTP it to Documents on the Apple TV? If I have already unsucessfully installed Adobe Flash, should I uninstall before copying the file over?



Yes, any of the ‘Extras’ can be removed as described here:

Thanks for you advice; however, it appears not to help. I ftp the CoreAudioKit.framework file onto the Apple TV (Documents folder). Cyberduck shows that the transfer occurred. I then go to the Apple TV, install/enable Flash in Maintaince, retart Finder, unplugg the Apple TV, restart and then check if flash works by going onto Firefox and then Hulu-nothing. I go back to Cyberduck and look in the documents file; CoreAudioKit.framework is no longer listed. Any suggestions?


I have the same problem. Flash won’t work anymore. I poured $50 in this product expecting to have an Apple like experience, that things work right out of the box.

I think I’ll go the other way and use ATVUSB patchstick. Maybe a bit more work to install (not sure if that is the case though) But it is FREE and there is lots of support from the Boxee forums!

Yeah, I’m pissed off about this, myself. I was expecting more functionality without the hassle and so far other than getting an external usb drive to work, everything else seems to be a hassle…

Anyways, I got my coreaudiokit.framework from the Xcode developer files for Tiger development (I’m on Snow Leopard now and don’t have a Tiger 10.4.10 disc) and it doesn’t work.

I made sure flash was uninstalled, FTP’d into my ATV, copied coreaudiokit.framework to the Documents folder, and then installed flash. I rebooted the AppleTV, not just finder, and still get no video through Boxee. Where do we go from here?!?

I think Boxee uses flash from another location? When it comes to boxee, I generally use this forum:

I do think that aTV Flash provides a valuable service; especially now that we can get updates without even using a flash drive. But if you want boxee specific support, this isn’t the place to find it…

ATV Flash is a complete waste of money, a ripoff and a bad written piece of crap. Nothing ever works as claimed. the installs are all manual and non-intuitive. Just look at how many entries from people that cannot figure out the simplest video playback issues.

the worst $50 ever spend. And this on an addition to make 3rd party installs easier

Firecore, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Just did a factory reset after the latest updates sent everything screwy (spent about 3 hours trying to figure out why it couldn’t find my server in xbmc after many months of no issues - itunes streamed fine but xbmc/boxee was a no go). So finally just factory reset. Figured while doing so i’d try the coreaudiokit file transfer but after all the time just trying to fiddle with it to get it to work and then surrendering to a factory reset and then getting everything pretty much set up…I want to be sure i do get this right (my brain is fried from all the fixing and i have been searching but cannot find the answer)

i went to this link as suggested and it says to use pacifist to extract coreaudio from the restore disc. Someone a while ago was nice enough to send me the file I think its the right one

Mac OS X Install Disc 1.dmg size = 5,311,992

So if I had a mac, i’d just go ahead according to the instructions, but I’m on a PC - can I (1) use pacifist on my pc at all and if so, using the exact same instructions

(2) does this look like the correct file

I have 10.4.9 on my atv as of the restore

(3) does it matter if i install flash from the installer first in its current form and then copy this file over or should i just not bother yet (I hope that one makes as much sense as it did in my head?)

If thats not the right one, does any kind kind soul have a copy of coreaudio they wouldn’t mind emailling me? : ) (please : )

Thanks in advance

hi all i have the same problem. i dont have the tehcnical ability to even understand what you are talking about. so i have not got a hope in hell of getting my atv to work. i think you should remove your product from sale untill you have a solution for this problem. as the poeple who are buying atv have lives to live and just want it to work. you dont seem like a rip off company to me. and im sure with a bit of time and effort you can deliver the goods.

I can’t get anything to play on Boxee either. It seems to me the answer is to somehow install Flash 10.2 which has hardware acceleration. The AppleTV has the nVidia GeForce Go 7300 which I can only hope would be able to take advantage of the acceleration.

Unfortunately the hardware accelerations aspects of Adobe Flash can only be realized on a system running OSX 10.6 or later. The AppleTV is running a version of OSX 10.4. :frowning:

Right, right. Flash is taking advantage of a feature enabled in 10.6.

 Well, for what it is worth, I'm very pleased with the job that FireCore has done.  There is no easier way to add so much additional functionality to your AppleTV.  True, some things will work and then break from version to version, and installation to installation, but you also should think about the large number of pieces of software that FireCore has added to this package.  That's a lot of variables people, and often when things break (i.e. Hulu in Boxee), it's not FireCore or even Boxee's fault, it's the fault of others, bad installations, or in this case, Hulu.


I've noticed that FireCore constantly tries to add new functionality to their package which takes a great effort not just to create, but to support as well and they don't get anything from existing customers, just potentially new customers.


I too have had unexplained issues that required a reset, but doing so allowed me to get 99% of it working, and I'm ok with that.  Was it work?  Yes.  Did it take awhile?  Yes.  Do I do this often?  No.  Is it worth it?  Yes.


Please keep up the good work FC!