Box cloud service keeps login out of Infuse

I use box as my cloud storage, when I try accessing my files in infuse It gives me an error and I have to sign in again every few days on both my iPhone and iPad, also in my AppleTV it doesn’t sync at all and asks me to log in again in one of my apple devices when I do it works for a bit and then it stops working and usually deletes all metadata, I have stoped using Infuse in my AppleTV and started to mirror my iPad screen instead which is fasted than waiting for iCloud to sync.

I’m not familiar with Box but it sounds like they have a limit on how long a device can stay logged in for security purposes.

The reason the ATV asks you to do it on a different device is the ATV can’t do log ins for cloud services.

If you click on the sign in does it let you sign back into box and then Infuse functions normally? I’m just trying to understand what the events are.

Not sure if its a box or a infuse problem. but yes if i sign in again Infuse functions normally, the problem is that it’s a frequent event, so the AppleTV doesn’t have time to sync all the meta data, and even if it does it gets deleted after a while because it can’t access the content due to that error

Does it seem to happen more frequently after periods of inactivity (not using Infuse)?

I’m not sure, I do use infuse every day but usually watching something I downloaded to my phone, I don’t usually stream videos. i don’t understand why this happens since Box is one of the native cloud services infuse use

Again, I don’t know anything about how Box runs their service but I could see for security purposes that if a logged in device doesn’t use the service it may disconnect and require a new log in.