Bought the wrong ATVFLASH

I have just made a stupid mistake. I bought the ATVFLASH, but it should have been ATVFLASH BLACK. Anybody tried this ? I would love to change my order, dont care about the money, but I cannot use ATVFLASH, my Appletv is a 2. Do you know what to do ?

This seems to happen every so often so you are not the only one to make this mistake  :slight_smile:

In the past an email to Firecore support has been sufficient to get your FireCore account adjusted to have the correct product.

it’s so embarrassing to make such a mistake. I should be whiped with 10 strokes from the misses broomstick. But thanks for the reply hope for the best.


Whuhuuuu everything is in place now thx to Firecore. Super super service.