Bought Infuse pro 5 but can't play videos due to upgrade to Infuse Pro screen

I have bought Infuse 5 and don’t intend to upgrade to Infuse Pro as I have already paid £12.99 for this app. I went to watch a video and was met by your screen to ‘Upgrade to Infuse Pro’ and will not let me play the video and when I select ‘Restore’ it doesn’t do anything, please help.

There are two different Infuse 5 apps in the App Store.

One is “Infuse 5” the other is “Infuse Pro 5”

Infuse 5 is the one that you can “subscribe” to which is what I believe you are showing the screen shot of.

Infuse Pro 5 is the one that you pay one time to get and it gives you the pro features but only through the version 5 series.

Go back to the app store and search for “Infuse Pro 5” and that will be the one you paid for and you should be able to re download it and restore it.

I have purchased Infuse 5 pro - the one-off payment version £12.99 and I have already carried out this process of deleting and reinstalling the app but I still end up with this screen. I did purchase this app.

It looks like you installed the wrong one. Try the other one and see if that one lets you restore.

Thanks NC Bullseye, issue resolved - please delete this thread due to user stupidity! lol

Not stupid at all. You are by far not the only one who get tangled up in the restoring process.

Thanks for letting me know!

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