Booting Ramdisk

Having problems with installation.

Eqipment : ATV 2, connected with usb cable ( checked and working)

Tried all different versions of SeasOnpass.

I have 2 ATV2’s one had version 4.4.3 and another 4.4.4 both jailbroken and both running XMBC without any problems for a few years now.
Updated the 4.4.3 when Kodi 14.2 was released ( had the old menu system, which was updated when i used seasOnpass to update.

A few months ago my 4.4.4 stopped working and was just showing the connect to iTunes logo. ( has been used by my daughter so cannot confirm if she did an official update).

Anyway tried to ref lash using SeasOnsPass vers 0.9.7 (for mac) and it keeps stopping at " Booting Ramdisk".

I have tried to connect to iTunes and recover mode. but keep getting error 1604.

Any tips on how to fix my problems would be greatly appreciated.