Bootcamp Windows 10 Error occured

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to get Infuse working consistently with my Mac mini using Bootcamp. I’m finding every time I boot into Windows 10 the Apple TV won’t access the NTFS drive, giving various error messages. I end up having to delete and add the share again pretty much every time. I’m also finding the folder structure doesn’t look the same as the Mac OS folders. There’s an extra level of folders (Season) and most levels have no artwork just blank folders. It’s not great, but the connection issue is more of a pain than the look of the interface.

I’ve searched the forums and tried a lot of things. I read something about new SMB support for Windows 10 coming. Maybe that would help?

If anyone is running Bootcamp have you got this working? Maybe Infuse wasn’t designed for what I’m trying to do. It’s essentially connecting two different computers to Infuse. I sometimes have to force quit the App and/or reboot my Apple TV to connect to the Mac folders after I boot into OS X, but it behaves better than the Windows share.

How are are you connecting to Windows - via the computer name, or a fixed IP address?

If using an IP address, this can often times change if/when Bootcamp is restarted. You may try switching to the PC name, as this is less likely to change over time.

I’m pretty sure I’m connected using the device name, which I select when adding the share. Using UPnP/DLNA and Address 192.168.x.y. and that number matches what is assigned to my PC. I checked it now it gave “an error occurred” so I added the share again. Still with same info, but now it works (until I switch to Mac and back to PC then I will have to repeat add the share again).