"Boot Tethered" is whited out.

I gave my dad a tethered Apple TV 2. When he opens Season Pass to tether boot the unit the unit the “Boot Tethered” box is whited out and he cannot click on it. The only box that he can click on is the “Create IPSW” box. Can someone help figure this out


The unit MUST be tethered on the computer it was jalbroken on. Just re-jailbreak it on his computer.

I added all the addons for him. If he rejailbreaks it will the addons still be there?


unfortunately all will be gone.

what happens if I buy a tethered apple tv 2 with software version 5.2.1 from someone on ebay?  Seems like I’d be screwed.

Would I need to re-jailbreak it using my own computer to be able to tether boot from my own computer?


You wouldn’t be screwed if you knew 1. It has to be tethered before buying and 2. Some sellers on eBay actually post that they will send the software to tethered, which I’m guessing they are sending the IPSW on a cd? If they are not, then yes, you would need to jail break it again first and then install the add-ons.

All you should have to do is run the Create IPSW function within SeasonPass on the PC/Mac that is to be used for the tethered boot. You then do NOT do the restore within IPSW of the created file so you do not reset the current settings on the ATV2. This will have created the files required for the tethered boot so you should be able to proceed with that phase.

All the ebay ads which are selling the 5.2.1 tethered apple tv 2’s, do say that they will send the software that will be needed to do the tethered boot, which I believe they are referring to seasonpass, unless there is another app that can do the same thing.  But none of the ads specify that they will be sending any ipsw file.  So I contacted some sellers and asked if they will also send me the ipsw file and all of them said they can send it to me if I wanted, but its not needed.  They all say once I receive it, I should be able to just download any versioin of seasonpass and use any computer to do the seasonpass tethered boot and it should work.  

I experimented with just copying the files over from the computer I jailbroke my appletv to the correct directories* on a laptop, and could not get the tethered boot choice to appear. So, you will have to do as itimpi wrote and create the ipsw on the computer you intend to tether from.


*I did a search for all the files created at the same time as my jailbreak and what directories they were in.

so having to re-jailbreak is not neccesary, just click on Create IPSW, once it is created, then click on Boot Tethered and all should be fine?


And Carpenter940 thanks for the heads up.

I just did another tethered 5.2.1 jailbreak for a friend of mine today, using my macbook pro with 10.7.5 and with seasonpass 0.9.2.  I could tether boot fine with 10.7.5.  But when my friend tried to do the tether boot on his macbook with 10.8.4, its getting a upload to ibss or ibec error and cannot tether boot.  But if trying to boot with my 10.7.5, it works fine again.  Then, he tried with a windows laptop to tether boot, and it also works fine too!  So he did not even have to create the ipsw first on his windows laptop to tether boot it.  I just wonder why it cant be done with his macbook pro with 10.8.4.  

I guess if there’s ever a chance that we have that the device cannot do the tether boot, then we need to create the ipsw first on the system that we want to do tether boot, and it should work.  

Seas0nPass uses two folder locations on a Windows box…



If you move both of these folders from the machine used to jailbreak ATV to the machine you want to ‘boot tethered’ from you should be good to go.