I Bookmark and have to log in everytime when I’m using my Ipad’s Safari. Is there a link that would keep me logged in? It works fine on Chrome on my PC though.

I know it’s not answering your question directly but I understand there’s an iOS app for the forum that may give you a better experience over the browser iOS method. I think this is it here.

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When you log in is there a button that says remember me?

No, there isn’t. But Safari kept me logged in just now when I hit the View Topic link I the email I got when you replied. It just won’t log me in from the bookmark.

Strange. This is my bookmark and works for me:

This IS strange, your bookmark worked fine, mine isnt. Mine is

I pasted that. It’s the same as yours. Arghhh. I’m going to feel soooo dumb when I figure this out lol.

Maybe try clearing cache/cookies?

Are you in Safari’s Private browsing mode by chance?

No, not in Private. The bookmark works as expected from within my iPads safari. The culprit seems to be my within my 3rd party Google Bookmarks app that I use for most of my surfing. I’m not going to worry about this.

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