"Bookmark" problem into Infuse 2 (v2.2)


when i movies or series into infuse 2 and end the movie (also killing from task) the app remembers the last play position very well - but if the remaining playback time is less than 4:30 minutes infuse 2 marks the movie as complete watched…

Can you fix this?

Thanks and greetz,

I think this is by design rather than a faul!  

I can remember many users asking for a film/TV episode to be treated as complete if it was abandoned near enough the end that you have probably reached the credits.  I certainly like this behaviour.   However I always though it was done as percentage of the total file rather than as a fixed time.

Yeh,make sense because my tv episodes have a playtime round about 50Min… but i def. dislike this…it would be great if this behavior can be choosed as option from settings menu…