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I am a big fan of Bonus Content & Extras that are included with a lot of films. In my opinion, the ability to organize & display Special Features is really the only advantage that Plex Media Player still has over Infuse Pro. So I am wondering if @james or anyone else can recommend the best way for me to organize & display my collection of Movie Extras…?

I have never had a problem with TV Series Extras because you can easily add them to Season 00 or the corresponding Season ##, even if the Bonus Content is not listed on theTVDB. But Movie Extras are a little trickier because they won’t be listed on any of the meta databases.

My current setup is:
• Manually add any available metadata & tags to each video file (using Subler or MKVTools)
• Name the file as it would appear on the disc menu — Example: “Acoustic Signatures - The Sound Design”
• Place all Bonus Content under the parent folder for that movie — Example: /Movies/Arrival (2016)/Arrival Xxtras/Arrival Bonus Content

So this method seems to work okay if you are browsing Infuse via Favorites - since the Movie file & Movie extras will all appear under the same (movie) parent folder. However, things begin to get a little confusing if you browse Infuse via Library View, because all of your Bonus Content, from every Movie, will most likely end up under the Infuse Library > “Other” section. Having all bonus content appear under “Other” is ultimately a good thing, but now the filenames make it impossible to browse the Bonus Content by Movie Title.

So if you could recommend:

  1. The best way to name Bonus Content? Should you include the movie title at the beginning of the filename? I tried once but it confused the hell out of metadata fetch.

  2. Where is the best location to store these Movie Extras? Should I keep the Bonus Content & Movie Titles together? Or should I place all Movie Extras under a single folder, seperate from the Movie Titles?

  3. If I decide to keep all Extras seperate from their Movie files, would it be preferable to “turn off” Library View sync for the Movie Extras folder?


Better support for extras is something we’re hoping to look into for a future update.

In the meantime, you could place these in a separate folder and simply set this as a folder based favorite, and uncheck it from the Settings > Library menu. This will allow you to access the folder from the home scree, but the contents would not be listed inside the Library.

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James, I’ve been a long time user of various media player, including infuse, kodi/xmbc, plex, etc. This is the biggest hold up I have for recommending infuse as a player for a home media server environment. Infuse does a great job at playing back most video files I throw and it and that’s about where its strength ends. I use it on all my portable iOS devices. But using it on a TV with Apple TV 4 or even the original aTV flash is a pain when your collection begins to be large. Using directory is nice but it’s not gonna be sufficient or efficient when the library is large and diverse. I’m sure you can see some of that in the original post of this thread and your competition. Please keep up with the good work and incremental improvements coming. I know it’s been years since the journey started but a lot of us still cheer you on because of what you do well.

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Have you had a chance to try the Library feature on Apple TV? This will allow you to search and browse using a number of filters (genres, recently added, age rating, etc…) and will provide a much snappier overall experience compared to browsing via folders.

A bit more info on setting up and using the Library can be found here.

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Waiting for better extras support here too. A solution like being able to dump it within a folder called “Extras” in the same directory as the movie file would work I think.

This is the way I had my library set up. With a folder called “Extras” in the movie folder, but I’ve had to move them all to another directory and just not have them be a part of the library for now. It’s just too cluttered with them.

Hi there,
Has this feature been added? As much as I love Infuse I have so many extras, featurettes, etc. for each movie that I can’t put them in a separate folder. My current set-up is the following: each movie is inside a folder with the movie title; inside such folder there’s the movie file and a sub-folder called Extras. This works fine with Plex and I was hoping that the last update (which allows us to connect to Plex) would use the same organization. However, no matter which share I use, Infuse automatically catalogues the extras as separate movies, and the resulting library is a mess of titles that don’t match.

It has not been added yet no. I also have so much extra material, that putting it into one big pile is just not going to happen.

Looking forward to proper support! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it is not even on the roadmap yet. :frowning:


+1 - This is the #1 issue I have with an otherwise fantastic Apple TV video playing app. Thank you and please consider adding a way to show extra content so I don’t have to go to Plex for it.

Just joined and the missing Extras support ist most important coming from Kodi on Raspi.
Apart from the special handling/presentation desired for extra content,
currently the videos placed in my Extas folders are scanned and thrown/shown as movies at the moment, screwing up the list of the actual movies.

+1 for Extras management; just converted from Kodi and this is the first thing that came to my attention. The list of extras is so big in my collection that dumping all of them in a single folder is not a feasible solution for me. Please consider implementing a kodi-like structure, with the extras reside inside the main movie folder, in a directory called “Extras”.

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+1. It’s literally my only complaint about an otherwise phenomenal piece of software.
I’m really tired of some softporn movie called deleted scenes littering my library, that or 20+ ‘versions’ of the same movie that are just the extras.
Add this feature and you’ll be quite flawless. Hope to see this in 6.0.


That would be really nice to be able to play extras. I rip all my DVDs and Blu-Rays as 1:1 folder structures. While it’s great that I can pick a movie and it will start to play right away. I occasionally like to watch any extras that might be on the disc. With Blu-Ray, they would probably have to embed java into the player to get full menu playback. I’m a little surprised that I can’t do that with a ripped DVD. It would be nice to have full menus so I can pick and choose what I want to watch.

Instead of resurrecting a thread from 2017 you could add your support to a thread in the suggestions forum here Extra Movie features

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