Bob deinterlacing for native interlaced content

Posting this under an explicit thread title in terms of what would be great to add to Infuse on the ATV platform. It’s discussed in the thread linked below. None of the deinterlacing modes provided with Infuse support the full temporal resolution for native interlaced content such as field-interlaced 50i (I have a lot of content in this format). This isn’t a limitation of the hardware, the MrMC app includes a “bob - inverted” deinterlaced mode which produces perfect playback on the mkvs for my native 50i content. Judging by the limited number of posts on this subject I guess it’s not a big deal for many Infuse users, but it would be great to hear whether a bob-deinterlace mode will ever be added to Infuse. Otherwise native 50i is unwatchable as all the current modes are rendering the output as a nasty blend of the fields, leading to stuttery motion and degraded resolution. Infuse is fine for content such as 1080i/25, where the 50 fields per second comprise 25 full frames, but not for 50i content where each field is separated in time, and so all the 50Hz fluidity of the original video is lost.

I can work around this as I have access to other platforms that handle interlaced video correctly (Infuse is a bit of an outlier in not having a bob deinterlace mode), but I just introduced someone to Infuse who relies on the ATV for non-disc playback, and at present he can’t use Influse for the field-interlaced 50i content in his library.

Any chance this can be addressed?

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