Bluetooth Logitech K400 keyboard ATV2 5.3

Hi All, yet another newbie here, who knows just enough to be dangerous. I successfully jailbroke my ATV2 5.3 with Seas0npass and set up XBMC and NitoTV using the Nito Installer, I’m not much of a SSH’er. But due to my many screwups and Navi-X freezing up, I am now very good at tethered boots with Seas0npass.

Anyway, now I would like to use a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard - primarily for XBMC. But all my efforts have failed.

First of all I did successfully pair Apple keyboard working with ATV2 through ATV2>Settings>General>Bluetooth. But I want to use it with my iMac, so I bought the Logitech K400. 

1st attempt: Go to ATV2>Settings>General>Bluetooth; Result: K400 not discovered; My thoughts #1: Is the K400 in discover mode? Read instructions and searched the web for “how to put K400 in bluetooth discover mode” and nothing. Conclusion: as long as the batteries are working and it is switched ‘on’, then it is ‘discoverable’ all the time. Am I wrong?

1st attempt, My thought #2: Perhaps I should plug the USB toggle that came with the K400 in to the back of the ATV2 using a male mini USB to female USB. Result: Not yet attempt as I do not have that cable.

2nd attempt: BTStack - sounds like a great burger and a way to get my bluetooth keyboard/mouse pad working

Go to NitoTV and BTStack is not listed in the “Featured” software list (as suggested in a video I watched) but search packages and find BTLoader (org.tomcool.btstack-ui), BTstack Keyboard for ATV (ch.ringwald.keyborad-atv), BTStack Keyboard (ch.ringwald.keyboard), BTStack Mouse (ch.ringwald.mouse) and loaded all them both. Confirmed they were installed through NitoTV>Manage>Packages.  Go to ATV2>Settings>General>Bluetooth; Result: ATV2 does not enter bluetooth search mode. Confused. Can’t do nothing so do something you’re good at: tethered boot through Seas0npass; Result: nothing, ATV2 will not enter bluetooth search mode.

Any thoughts? Thank-you





I thought the K400 could only work with the Logitech dongle, and not as a general purpose Bluetooth keyboard?

Do you think connecting the Logitech dongle through a micro USB to the back of the ATV2 could work?

No. The micro-USB port can only act as a client device (for connecting to iTunes), it cannot control an external device.

Ok many thanks. Glad I kept the receipt. Any suggestions on a good bluetooth ready keyboard to use with the ATV 2? Perhaps the Apple keyboard that came with my iMac?