Bluetooth keyboard volume up, down and mute

My Bluetooth keyboard controls my jailbroken apple tv 2 running ios 5.0.1 (4224) audio for mute, up and down.

I like that but why? They aren’t paired devices.

How can I map this to the apple remote?
I wish that when playing a file the 12 o’clock button was volume up, six o’clock volume down and holding down was mute.
AppleTV 2, iOS 5.0.1

You can control the volume with the remote (up/down), poke around the Audio section in Maintenance and there’s an option in there somewhere to enable it.

I think that particular volume control only works in media player.
I currently have system-wide volume control from my keyboard.
Everything, homeshared files as well as streamed content including trailers.

I can’t remember. Maybe I installed BTstack and it has remained after upgrading from iOS 4 to 5.
I know the apple remote doesn’t have Bluetooth but if I had all the controls on one interface it would be so much cleaner.