Bluetooth Keyboard and mice

I would love to be able to surf and click using a real keyboard. The Apple remote is just that a remote and takes forever to put in urls!! I have a bluetooth Apple Key board and mouse and really would like to use them with ATV. I hope it can happen!! THANKS for all the great work you do!!

I know this is not the solution, but you can use an iPhone or iPod Touch for a keyboard with Apple’s Remote app on the App Store. I’m not sure if the AppleTV supports a USB Bluetooth dongle. Even if it does, how do you pair the BT devices without an interface?

May not be ‘the’ solution the OP was requesting, but I’ve found my Apple TV to be infinitely more useful since pairing my iPhone. Yeah surfing is still not as easy as it would be with a mouse, but having a proper keyboard (and much faster scrolling through my media) has opened up the device in a whole new way!