Bluetooth Headphones LipSync issue


I am experiencing a lipsync problem when connecting headphone to my apple tv and using infuse. I’ll explain exactly what my setup is :


  • My Apple TV is plugged into an AVR reciever hooked up to a JVC videoprojector, which has a substantiel delay on the image, as many videoprojectors do (arround 250 ms)
  • To fix lipsync, I have set an audio delay into my AVR reciever, so my homecinema speakers are in sync with the projector, whatever the source connected to the AVR (Apple TV or else).
  • Works great, no problem.


  • When I connect my bluetooth headphone to the Apple TV, the AVR is only used to push the image to the videoprojector, so the audio is sent directly to the bluetooth headphone by the apple TV. Of course, that configuration generates lipsync issue, since the bluetooth signal arrives to my ears before the image on the videoprojector.
  • I found that in the Apple TV settings, there is a specific syncing function for wireless speaker (hence headphones). It’s a lipsync setting that uses your iphone to figure out the delay.
  • Supposedly, once configured, this delay applies only when connected through wireless speakers, and deactivate itself when not.
  • my problem is: it does work as expected everywhere inside apple TV, EXCEPT with Infuse : after setting up my headphones delay in apple tv settings, it works on infuse. But when deconnecting my headphones from the apple tv, Infuse is out of sync when playong with my regular speakers, which is not the case in any over app. I have to remove the « wireless syncing » setting (even though no wireless speaker is connected) to have infuse synced again.

I hope I managed to explain myself clearly, as it is quite a tricky situation.

Good holydays to you all,