Bluetooth Headphone

Hello Everybody !

I have a problem with Infuse, sometime I want to watch a film with my wife on my 2 bluetooth headphone (AirPods Max & Beat Studio), for that I go to Audio Device in the Utility folder, and I make my configuration with 2 BT headphone in multiple out.

It’s work well with all the program VLC, Quicktilme etc … but when I use Infuse it work only with one headphone, do you have any idea why ?

Thanks in advance


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Does it work with Infuse on iOS?

Hi, on Ios it’s not possible to connect two bluetooth headphone, the only option is to use « share audio » with H1 or W1 chips (only Apple and Beats headphone)

So with Share Audio it’s possible but my wish will be on my Macbook,

when I travel, I don’t realy want to watch on film on my Iphone …