Blue Planet II shows up in TV Library, but not Planet Earth II

Using an ATV4k here, originally was running Plex + Infuse which worked pretty great. I tried to ditch Plex and use Infuse Pro only for scraping my network drive but am running into a few issues with TV shows.

About 8 out of 13 TV shows I have show up in Library view. The other shows are visible in the “Favorites” view if I add my TV shows folder as a favorite, but show up either as blank folders or as randomly scattered episodes. I also notice that these shows/episodes are listed as “Other” as far as library category goes.

One strange thing, for example, is that I have EXACTLY the same naming convention for both Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II (eg. TV shows/Blue Planet II/Blue Planet II - SE01E01 - One Ocean.mkv), but only Blue Planet II is being recognized by Infuse as a TV show and shows up in the TV shows part of the library with the correct metadata. Any ideas why this maybe?

EDIT: Yes I have the “Metadata Fetching” set to ON, and “Use Embedded Metadata” set to OFF. Yes I have tried to Edit Metadata on the Planet Earth episodes (I select Planet Earth (2016) but it does nothing to the files).

Can you show a screenshot of the Earth path and files? It should work. Maybe there’s a typo somewhere or something.

Just checked Infuse again after work, and now I see Planet Earth II in the library as it should be. Really strange issue! Maybe there was an issue with the indexing and it sorted itself out over time. Hopefully I don’t run into it again. I’ll have to look more carefully into the remaining files to see about renaming those.