Blu-ray ripped movies stuttering

Hi all,

I'm doing fine with ATV2 and Firecore software.

I have just one issue:

when playing blue-ray rips the movie keep streaming every 10-15 secs.

any idea?



Better support for HD files is one of the top features we're working on.

Stay tuned.

Hi James,

thanks for the fast reply. So basically everything's fine in my installation etc. We just have to wait Firecore to develop this feature?

Any ETA on this?

Yes, many Blu-ray files are working with aTV Flash (black).

A bit of background…

Right now, there are 3 basic types of Blu-ray files (actual video type inside a given container such as MKV).

  1. AVC (H.264)
  2. MPEG-2
  3. VC-1

#1 is currently working well in aTV Flash (black), but #2 and 3 (typically found in older Blu-ray titles) are not currently eligible for hardware video decoding, and thus are not currently supported. This may change at some point in the future, but we don’t have any ETA at this point.