Blu-Ray ISO and MKV playback erros on ATV4K


New member here, I know that the ISO playback is fairly young in development, but it appears that I have found a possible “bug”. I know usually if a player cant display menus of an ISO, it would chose the largest “stream”. In the case of 3 ISOs I have, this is not the case and instead they all play the “same” stream (which is not the correct one). This stream is one of the extras on the disc, funny enough all 3 play the “same” extra (different but related). The actual movie files on all 3 discs are the largest media files in the stream folder as well. These do work properly on other media players (with menus or without).

The second issue is that I have an HDDVD rip (to mkv) that seems to crash the player each time in the same spot. I tried this file via my computer (just to test and make sure it was “good” and it played and I was able to FFW\RW without issues. Thus far I believe this is the only file that does it, but I still have not tested it thoroughly.

Are the above problems normal? Is there anything I can do to help Infuse select the correct stream within the ISO structure?

Thank you for any help you can give me, I really appreciate it. If needed I can provide the mediainfo file from the MKV as well.

Is this issue only affecting these 3 titles? If so, can you let us know which titles you are seeing this on?

In the meantime, you can select a disc title manually through the Video section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Thank you for the reply and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on this. Thus far it was only 4 titles (3 ISOs and 1 MKV). It looks like the MKV issue might have cleared up as it no longer crashes (I’m still testing).

For the ISOs they still start off with the wrong “track”\Title. They all funny enough start off on the same extra however. Given your recommendation, I was able to manually select the correct title\track and the movies played. They are the ISOs found at the below thread:

I have an android player that will use menus, and they recognize and play as they should, but it seems with Infuse it selects the wrong title\track to play on each disc (I believe it should select the longest one if I am not mistaken). Not a major deal, just more of a slight inconvenience.