blu ray...converted. keep 5.1

Is there anyway to keep 5.1 when i convert my blu ray rips? visual hub will but when i put in on the apple tv still no audio… but great video… any ideas? different converter maybe?

You will need both AAC and AC3 tracks for AC3 5.1 to work properly. Make sure you have visual hub setup for dual audio tracks.

Ah thanks, finally an answer after about 5 different fourms, I wish handbrake would incorporate more blu ray support they said they would in a future releases

Oops, one more question. What about DTS… Now in handbrake you can choose acc and use prologic, but it converts it to stereo. There is no AC3 track for this type of audio. I’m going to try and get visual hub to just keep the original audio track as DTS. So for AC3 just keep AC3 passthrough and add ACC?