Blu-ray and DVD menus

I would also like to emphasize that this a feature that people don’t mind paying extra for. Because it means we can retire old hardware that is obsolete in every way but this, the BD-menu function!

How about just DVD menus? This would be so handy with all the DVD backups so many of your users are likely to have. And the code to handle it is open source, so shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Just saying …

+1 for that! Even just DVD menus would be great.


When I play BDMV files, infuse pro 6 automatically selects blu-ray video title and it is a bit confuse. It often selects wrong video track as default track and I can’t change or add SRT subs if I manually change to the correct title. I really love your software, please add menu support.


Maybe it is time to seriously consider this feature, it would be a game changing one i think.

Definately worhwhile investment of time! There are no alternatives if he would succeed. That means people with subscriptions will rise and keep a steady income flow.

Infuse is a fantastic media player, DVD & BluRay menus would be the icing on the cake. I really hope Firecore is considering to add this feature !

I know I have already posted a thread. I am just wondering is there any plan to add bd-java support in the future. Bd-java will mike infuse pro an ultimate video playing app.

We are still here!

This would be such an amazing feature…

While I would like this as much as anyone, I have a feeling apple wouldn’t approve an app that has a full blown JRE embedded in it, which would be necessary to support BD-J menus. I don’t see this feature being added anytime soon as a result.

If BD/UBD menus are hard to implement, how about an option to select the video track (e.g. deleted scenes, extras, episodes). Do you think that’s feasible?

You can already select by track. As long as you know where he extras are (which track) when using iso you just select that specific track.

Yes , that’s true, but the tracks have generic names like “Track XX”. It would be nice to have a simple description like “Deleted Scene - Track XX”, or to be grouped in a basic menu like “Deleted Scenes >> <Title 1> - Track XX”, “ Deleted Scenes >> <Title 2> - Track XX”, etc.
I’m not familiar with how those Java menus are implemented, but I think that blindly parsing those files may suffice to extract this information. If that parsing will fail, then it can revert to how the tracks are currently displayed.

That’s not how it works. Especially when track obfuscation is being implemented. IMO from the little I know that not something anyone does or can do. You either have menus or you don’t. Even those with simple menus don’t label them.