Blu-ray and DVD menus

But how would that work with TV show DVDs with multiple seasons

I’ve be VERY happy even just to have plain old DVD Menu support. I don’t own any BluRay discs personally but I have a TON of old DVDs

Hi there,

I wonderhow to get acces to DVD menus in DVD .iso files? I know that this feature was not in Infuse 5, so any news?
Can it be done on Infuse MAC or appleTV4K?

Thanks and Merry Christmas


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I moved your post to a currently running thread that is requesting that feature.

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I added my like to support the idea, but I also wanted to write it in the comments. This would be great for the MacOS app and would turn it into an HTPC one-stop shop for me, instead of switching between this, VLC and MacGo Blu-ray Player Pro. Really hope you’ll implement it once possible.

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I would also like to be able to play my DVD collection in *.iso with menu on Infuse. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Is this planned soon? Thanks

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I’ve moved your post to a currently running thread in the Suggestions forum requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Also you can keep an eye on what features are in the works here in this thread.

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I hate to be picky Infuse is such a great product. But full DVD menu support for the VIDEO_TS folders would absolutely put it over the top. Great Work Guys!!

Great suggestion, however can this be implemented as a separate button next to the Play button - perhaps a button labelled “DVD Menu”. I like it that you can press Play and it takes you to the movie straight away.

I think that that would be amaze balls but at the same time I would be seriously frustrated for spending hours converting all the dvdrips of every single Doctor Who DVD into MP4. It would certainly be the solution for organising DVD extras.

Is it possible to add full Bluray disk menu support ?


If I recollect the menus require Java which isn’t supported in anything besides mac.

Please!! We really need the menu support!!

Infuse is amazing, We need THIS improvement

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Certainly agree. I have a considerable number of DVD rips on my server where access to the DVD menus are critical to getting access to many different features (commentaries, alternate scenes) and files other than the main feature. A lot of this stuff can’t be duplicated with a Handbrake rip.


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Yes, please support blu-ray/uhd menu’s from full rips! The automatic video selection sometimes choses the wrong video stream the way it works now.

Apple prevents bitstream output from the ATV, but supporting menu’s should be something you could fix… It would be massive, and people are willing to pay.

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Is there any chance this could come at least to the MacOS app? It seems to me (having literally no app development knowledge whatsoever) that it would be much easier to implement this feature on that platform in comparison to the others. I’d really like to move away from VLC entirely but I just can’t because of this missing feature.

Hello dear James,
I have connected my Apple TV 4K to my Desktop bia both Plex and SMB Sharing.
When I add BDMV Folder, it shows all the contect and I need to choose one by one.
Is there anyway to play the video with Menu?

Not at this time, sorry. This thread is a suggestion to add the menu feature to Infuse and you can show your support for this by clicking the like button on the first post.

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So, wjat about the things James mentioned before?
Playing main Title and choose different title (deleted senes, etc ?)

Infuse should pick the main title and while playing, you can swipe down and in the video menu you should be able to select other videos in the rip. I don’t use BDMV folders so I can’t give you step by step. Sorry.

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