Blu-ray and DVD menus

…for unencrypted DVD images (.iso) or DVD folders (video_ts).
Due to the fact, that MrMC (a KODI fork for tvOS) officially supports DVD playback with menus, there shouldn’t be any restrictions by apple that forbid implementation of such a feature.

Please take it into consideration for an upcoming version.



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Please discuss here.


This would be great! :slight_smile:

If menu implementation is not feasible, how about a way to cycle back and forth through titles and chapters on the main play screen?
Like this:
| Title | Timeline Scrub-bar | Chapter |
Swiping to (Title) or (Chapter) and pressing main remote button right and left side to cycle up and down for example.
Yes, no, maybe so?

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You may want to check out the thread that is linked in the mod edit in the first post.

I would like to bump/vote for DVD menu support.
Infuse is great but surprising it doesn’t already have this - many old media players 10 years ago had DVD menu support.
Thanks for your consideration.


DVD Menus when reading .dvdmedia files would simplify playing these files in a great way. Right now, the main movie is automatically selected when the file is played, other media can not be accessed.

Today infuse is an underdog in BD / UHD menu implementation. All major media player manufacturers already have this feature. Program users who regularly pay for the app have been asking for this add-on for many years. Firecore regularly replies that “yes we know and we will do in the future”.
But the Future has already come! Guys! Let’s do it together! Let’s discuss. Tell us what is stopping you from doing it. We love Infuse. This is a really cool app!

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Don’t forget to like the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion.

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add the menu, please…

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Don’t forget to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support. :wink:

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Is still on the roadmap? I’ve liked the first post but some clue that it’s being worked on would be great

You can check latest plans here. Most likely no new features for anything for a while until 7.0 is released and stable.

Thanks yeah I’ve seen that but it actually lists very little about what’s coming, unless I’m missing something. I was really looking for confirmation that DVD/Blu menus are something they’ll be working on.

As others have said it’s a common further in other media players; on this Infuse is lagging behind badly.

As munpip214 said, most likely the new features in the short list will be coming back after 7.X gets stable and then Firecore can start working on the new short list. Since this suggestion isn’t on the “Postponed” tag list I’d not be surprised to see it resurface once things settle down after the new major release.

Just keep an eye on the thread referenced and you’ll see what’s on the near horizon. :wink:

Thanks, I will do, looking forward to some good new updates soon :+1:


Is there any version of Infuse that reads movie menus and extra content in .iso files and BDMW folders?

I have verified that it only reads the movie.

Thank you.

This has been covered before but bluray menus are largely authored using Java which iOS/tvOS does not support.

Ok, thank you.

But DVD menus are not, and should be readily supportable. Would be such a great feature for people with lots of DVD content.


From a user’s standpoint, if VLC can do DVD menus for free on a Mac and with apparent ease, I don’t see why Infuse Pro can’t.

Every time I have to switch to VLC to do something simple, it inevitably lessens my affection for Infuse. I mean, I already had to pay to play AVIs and MKVs.