Blu-ray and DVD menus

Does infuse have BD MENU?if no any plans for future updates?

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By default, Infuse will automatically select the main title track. You can then pick from other titles (special features, deleted scenes, etc…) through the Video section of the Playback Menu while a video is playing.

Actual Blu-ray menus are not currently supported.

So its like a DUNE hd 303D?

Do you plan in future release bd menu obviously not for free. But this feature could be a market killer for atv4k+infuse pro

Sorry, I’m not familiar with that device so I can’t comment on how it works.

Adding support for DVD/Blu-ray menus may be something we look into for a future update, but we don’t have any kind of ETA right now.

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James can you provide a little more insight into how Infuse selects the main title track? This isn’t necessarily straightforward because of playlist obfuscation on some discs and movies with different ‘angles’ (seen mainly in Disney/Pixar discs), so I’m wondering what logic Infuse uses. In my opinion this in the main advantage of full menu support.

Infuse uses a custom algorithm to identify the main title, and for the most part it has worked pretty well since we added BDMV/ISO support back in March. We have a few tweaks for some UHD discs we’ll be rolling out in 5.6.3 which we hope to submit to Apple this week.

If you’re having trouble with any particular titles feel free to let us know.

Interesting! Good to know, will have to do some more testing myself.

Bump, i’m also very interested in this feature, would love to see this happening.

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While they would be nice to have, BD Menus (especially BD Java menus) can be a beast to deal with. There are only a small number of media players that actually handle them and even then its not “perfect”. Supposedly Kodi has been working on it with the newer versions of libbluray. If it were easy to enable this, I would expect man more players and software to enable them. Right now, the ability just to play ISOs is great for me, Menu’s would just be icing on the cake.

Hi all,

i agree with Ph886,

It is a major step forward for infuse to have added support for ISO and BDMV…thanks a lot Infuse :slight_smile:

Having the support of the BD Menus (especially BD Java menus) would be the icing on the cake.

Do you have any news or is this dead and buried?

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Everyone is aware about licence for BDmenu.
So any chance make it as an add-on for some fee?
Im ready to buy!!!
Just make it happen


so do I,

Zidoo, Egreat and soon Dune multimedia box have the support of BD menu, we can hope to have it on Infuse PRO … one day :slight_smile:

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1 Blu-ray (at least Disc 1) starts with playing an episode not being the first. It looks like it might be in reverse order; last title is first episode, etc.

Does Infuse have road map or feature priority list that can be shared? DVD and Blu-ray menus would make navigating these discs much easier.

Rogue One also has a slight issue with title selection. By default Infuse appears to be selecting the Spanish title (you will see this during the “A long time ago…” section) instead of the default English title.

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Are there any plans of implementing DVD, Bluray and UHD menu’s? That would make Infuse a killer app/media player… why isn’t this implemented yet? Will it ever? I would pay premium for this…

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Its not as easy as it looks (as has already been discussed). Ever is a long time, not sure anyone can see that far out.

Waiting for UHD menu support, is someone has a tips to have poster available on infuse for UHD BD structure including AVCHD folder ( to have global support on oppo 203) :wink:
ex: movie name folder / AVCHD folder / UHD structure folder

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i would def. want to see this on infuse pro in soon.


@James, any news on this? It would really make Infuse a killer app.

I’ve got a large collection of dvd’s of (old) tv series etc, that can not be played in chronological order by Infuse. Also a lot of music dvd’s that basically can not be played or setup without the actual menu. Same for bluray’s of tv series; there are multiple episodes on a bluray, and without the menu you just don’t know what the correct order is. 0001.m2ts is episode 4, 0003.m2ts is episode 1 etc. I don’t have many UHD’s yet, but in time the same issues will show up there as well.