Blinking light after install RSS feed, couch surfer......

Hello all,
Looking for some help. I receny purchased a jailbroken apple tv2 running 4.3 firmware (on ebay) with xbmc already installed with numerous Add ons. I am new to the scene so I started looking around at other upgrades and found atv flash and thought it would be cool to use. So I purchased a copy and ran the installer perfectly. The maintenance category showed up on my home screen right away. Great. I then went and ran all the installs for all the upgrades at one time, couch surfer, RSS feed, rowmote,…etc. everything but xbmc again.
I then restarted the Apple TV to have them show up on screen. When I did the light continues to blink on my atv2 and will not boot up.

I read about a tethered boot up but am unsure if that is the right thing or not.
I am afraid of loosing all my preinstalled repositories and addons if I do.

Did I do something wrong??
Did my firmware update automatically??
Are all my add one already gone?? And if so where can I get them back??
Will I now always have to tether boot if I loose power??

I also purchased another atv2 running 5.2 firmware that is jailbroken because I liked the mirroring feature. I wanted to run flash on that but I am afraid to now.

Sorry for the long post but I am just concerned with my recent purchase of flash. I spent a lot of money on atv2’s and don’t want to screw them up if I didn’t already.

Please let me know what happened or any suggestions of what to do next. I can try to tether boot but do not have a lap top that I own, just a PC. And it will be a hassle

Hey thanks for the help!!!
because of flash I now have a tethered atv 2. And asking for help and called the phone number with no response from support. This product stinks. Cost me 30 bucks and an untethered connection. If you charge someone for a product and can’t back it up what good is said product.

Atv flash is GARBAGE!!!
Not happy!!!

The current versison of aTV Flash (black) will require Apple TV 4.4 or later.

Have you installed it on both Apple TVs?

No just on 4.3. I’m Afraid to have tethered connect on 5.2 now so I’m just waiting to hear

Running aTV Flash (black) on 5.2 won’t be a problem.

The issue you’re seeing with the 4.3 Apple TV is related to installing the latest verion of aTV Flash (black) on it, since aTV Flash (black) 2.0 and later will require Apple TV 4.4 or later.

If you’re concerned about it, you can save your 5.2 signatures using Seas0nPass, just to be safe, by following the guide below.