Blinking LED and black screen!

Hi folks,


Just did std install of latest download of Seasonpass, followed all instructions carefully and finished off with iTunes. All seemed okay, then connected to TV with power and HDMI and saw Apple logo briefly and then nothing, just a blinking LED on ATV2. Restored ATV2 back with iTunes and works fine as std Apple software.


Going round and round as have now tried this 3 times…!

Any ideas?

I’m having the exact same problem… tried the jail break several times. Same results.

ATV 2nd Gen (black) ver 5.3

[/quote] It sounds as if the ATV2 is waiting for a tethered boot to be done.  This is required any time power is removed (or a hard reset done) to complete the boot the next time you power on.

I was just reading about the teathered boot and will try tonight when I get home.

Thanks for your reply…